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EA is working on a solution to the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team problems

Transfer window in FIFA games of the series never fails to close, maybe except for those moments when servers have their own problems. So it is now, but EA promises to quickly solve the case.

Electronic Arts has issued a message that should be of interest to fans of FIFA Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 15. "Recently, we experienced technical problems that prevented us from proper separation fixed on the content (items players or coins) between accounts FUT among a small number of fans of FIFA" - admits football game publisher .

"Now we are able to see through this small group accounts, and we will work to allocate these items affected by the fans of FIFA. This process will continue every day for the next few weeks" - tells the EA. As part of an apology for such a long time to wait for completion of the transaction, the publisher of FIFA 15 will provide the affected users inconvertible pack of cards.

Electronic Arts recommends tracking postal addresses assigned to Originu and messages appearing in the EA SPORTS Football Club News Alerts.